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The Christ statue on the island

In the 16th century, the last believed-to-be witch in Górzno was executed in Wisiałki Street. Much later, on the shores of Lake Górzno, a grieving miller saw the ghost of his beloved wife. To commemorate this event, the widower set a Christ statue on the tiny island.

Years ago, where the manor (i.e. the hotel) stands today, there was a large wooden house and next to it, there stood a water mill. A local miller lived and worked there. He had a wife he loved very much. Alas, she passed away prematurely. Her unexpected death as too much for him, he couldn’t cope with it. Legend has it, the poor widower often went to the pond to remember the happy moments he spent with his spouse. They say he asked God to let him see her once more. In return, the miller swore to God to erect a Christ statue on the island. The widower’s pleases were answered and one night, he saw the ghost of his late wife on the bank of the pond.

The miller kept his word and indeed erected the holy statue on the island. When the householder passed away himself, the mill and the buildings slowly started to deteriorate. Nobody took care of the Christ statue anymore, and thus, over the years, it also deteriorated.

Only a few years ago, the land was bought by a man living near Toruń. He renovated the old watermill as well as the wooden house. Since then, it’s been one of the main touristic attractions of Górzno. The new owner took also good care of the old Christ statue. Today, it’s an attraction for the Wapionka Guests and other tourists. But just a few of them know where it came from and why it stands here.