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Tourist attractions in Brodnica

  1. Teutonic Castle in Brodnica
    Erected between 1305 and 1335 in Gothic style. The castle is built on a nearly square plan (45 × 45 m) with a high observation tower (approx. 60 m), keeps and other castle buildings. Around the castle, there are remains of the former defensive wall and the moat. The ruins, including the cellars and the entry to the tower, as well as numerous permanent exhibitions are open to the public. The cellars house an archaeological museum.

  2. Brodnica Town Hall
    End of the 14th century, located in the northern frontage of a triangular market square (Major Market Square). The building was burnt down in 1631, then partly rebuilt, it is surrounded by numerous residential buildings. An octagonal tower from the 16th century with a clock face has survived to this day. Inside, there are bells from 1553 and 1554 as well as a part of the gable. In the Major Market Square, there are richly decorated tenement houses.

  3. Parish church in Brodnica
    The church of St. Catherine, Gothic (12th – 15th century), made of brick, three naves, hall church with a stellar vault (the main nave) and a cross-ribbed vault (side naves). The interiors house fascinating sculptures that depict the Twelve Apostles (14th century) and fragments of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque polychrome. Erected in 1285 – 1370, the hall church was inspired by the Parish Church in Chełmno and the Cathedral in Chełmża. The presbytery was founded in 1285 by the parish priest Mikołaj from Sandomierz, the body and other parts come from 1340 – 1370 (including the top and the tower). In 1554 – 1598, the church was in the hand of the Lutherans. After being damaged in 1631 and 1648, the church was repeatedly renovated in later years.

  4. The Chełmno Gate
    Formerly known as the stone gate, built in 1310-1330. Up until the end of the 19h century, an important element of the fortifications and the main entrance to the town. Once used as a prison and a weighing station, now serves as a seat of the Brodnica Museum.

  5. The Anna Vasa Palace in Brodnica
    Erected after the castle fire of 1550-1564, using fragments of the walls and the outer ward by the starost of Brodnica, Rafał Działyński. Rebuilt by Anna Vasa during her reign as the starost of Brodnica (1605-1625) and changed into her residence. Then extended in 1678-1698. In 1945, the palace was burnt down, rebuilt again in 1960-1970 to host the County House of Culture and libraries. Since 1986, it is no longer the House of Culture, now it serves as the seat of the Regional Museum of Brodnica.