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Nordic Walking

On the premises of the Górzno-Lidzbark Landscape Park, four new hiking trails have been marked out, intended mainly for the Nordic Walking fans, i.e. the Górzno-Lidzbark Nordic Walking Park. The trails start in the forest settlement of Ruda, near the Centre of Ecological Education GLPK and create together a loop with the total length amounting to approx. 29 km.

The Nordic Walking Park includes the following trails:

  • yellow – 2,6 km long,
  • Green – 5,7 km leading through Górzno,
  • Red – 10,4 km,
  • Black (loop) – 10, 2 km.

The Brynica Ravine Nature Reserve (Jar Brynicy), the 500-year-old monument Oak of the Republic of Poland, the old water mill in Górzno or the weir on the Brynica River in Traczyska are just a tiny little except of what you can discover here. Most of the trails are forests paths and alleys, only fragments of them lead along asphalt, pavement and dirt roads. The trails are very well marked.bardzo czytelnie oznakowane.

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