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Zaborowo Smithy

The smithy is located in a building which is more than one hundred years old. The artistic blacksmithing performed by Mr Mirosław Luda is a traditional family profession. The Smithy offers workshops for organised groups and individual tourists. You can visit the Smithy, see the old blacksmith bellows and many other traditional tools. Who is brave enough can try their hand at blacksmithing. On the spot, you can buy souvenirs and original presents. The Smithy organises also blacksmithing shows. Appointments can be made either per telephone, e-mail or Facebook. The Smithy offers also off-site workshops.


Kuźnia Mirosław Luda, Zaborowo
Mirosław Luda
Zaborowo 69
87-320 Górzno

tel: +48 517 627 838