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The Old Manor

The Tatched House

The Old Watermill

Welcome to the Wapionka Manor, where...
"a bit of luxury touches the soul of an old household"

Wapionka Manor is located in Górzno in Brodnickie Lake District. Situated in a picturesque landscape park, between two lakes and among forests and hills. It is defined as a gem of peace, an enclave of nature in the modern world.

The seven hectare estate consists of three buildings that make up the chain of unique "jewels" of architecture of the region which compliment each other:

"Stary Dworek" (The Old Manor House) is a two hundred years old fully renovated cottage with impressive structure made of logs. The fireplace room is a charming place, kept in a homely atmosphere, where time passes to the sound of a crackling fireplace.

"Dworek po Strzechą" (The Thatched Roof Manor) the newly created building that will delight you with its composition: it is made partially of logs and field stones. "Stary Młyn” (The Old Mill) where a restaurant called "Karczma Młyn" (The Mill Tavern) is serving traditional Polish cuisine.

There also is an additional building called "Kuźnia grill" ("The Forge" Grill) on the peninsula which is targeted at individuals and groups who want to taste grilled foods and commune with nature.

From the windows of the manor house one can see the private lake Wapionka, with a mysterious island with a statue of Jesus in the middle.

Is this a dream? No! It is the laurel of your adventures!


Frying trout on a rock!

Wedding in a manor house style? Conferences for the demanding?

Only with us!

Karczma Młyn (The Mill Tavern) has a new dining hall